Set up your plein air easel

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  1. Unwrap the narrow strap from around the easel along with the Canvas Support Pegs. Remove the Hooked Rod and Extender Leg from stored position.
  2. To extend the legs, pull the brass knob to full tension and slide each leg out to the desired height. Then release the brass knob into it’s relaxed position. Be sure the Brass knob (and it’s internal spring-loaded pin) are fully back in the relaxed position, especially while in storage, to ensure good spring tension for the life of your easel.
  3. Swing the Cross Bar down from the left leg, and insert it into the Bracket on the right leg.
  4. Unhook the Palette Support Bars from the top of the rear leg. Let the Palette Support Bar Brackets slide all the way down to the bo!om of the rear leg, allowing the Palette Support Bars to spread and drop into the desired notches on the Cross Bar. To make the easel rigid, slide the Palette Support Bar Bracket forward slightly as a tensioner (optional)
  5. Insert the Artwork Support Pegs into the front legs at the desired height.
  6. Insert the Hooked Rod into the top hole of one of the front legs, angled to reduce glare on your painting surface. Use a bungee cord to reinforce the hooked rod in windy conditions, or in place of the hooked rod to hold small works (see Images & Videos on our website for examples).
Setting Up Your Take It Easel
Take It Easel Setup Instructions